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Whitehorse Housing & Neighbourhood Character Review

In 2012 Council embarked on a process to review the Whitehorse Housing Strategy 2003 and the Whitehorse Neighbourhood Character Study 2003. It was also decided that land within smaller shopping centres throughout the municipality be included in the Review to be comprehensive about the residential potential within all of Whitehorse.

These studies are used by Council and the community as a guide to developing the city in line with community aspirations and the needs of the future population. The purpose of the review is not just to assess where and how to place new development, it also seeks to define the unique and valued characteristics of the municipality and implement specific planning tools to manage how Whitehorse changes in accordance with our community’s vision.

The new residential zones

The State Government released new residential zones in March 2013 and requires Councils to modify their planning schemes in order to apply these new zones to their residential areas. The Review proposes boundaries and objectives for implementing these new zones so that the Whitehorse community gains the maximum benefit from them. The State Government also recently introduced new Commercial zones into the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, which provide more flexibility in terms of achieving desired outcomes for the local Neighbourhood Activity Centres.  For more information on the new residential zones visit http://www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/theplanningsystem/improving-the-system/new-zones-for-victoria/new-and-reformed-residential-zones

Proposed Changes to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme:

Planning Scheme Amendments C160 and C162 transfer the three background documents of the Housing and Neighbourhood Character Review 2014 into planning policy by using the:

  • Whitehorse Housing Strategy 2014 to inform the selection of the zones based on proposed housing categories of change.
  • Whitehorse Neighbourhood Character Study 2014 to determine the details specified by Council within the various schedules to the zones, based on neighbourhood character.
  • Neighbourhood Activity Centre Urban Design Guidelines 2014 to comprise the detail of DDO4 which is proposed to apply to 60 Neighbourhood Activity Centres throughout the municipality.

Council has adopted planning controls and policies to incorporate this work into the Whitehorse Planning Scheme. Planning Scheme Amendment C160 comprises:

  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone (Clause 32.09) plus 5 Schedules
  • General Residential Zone (Clause 32.08) plus 4 Schedules
  • Residential Growth Zone (Clause 32.07) plus 2 Schedules
  • Clause 21.06 Housing
  • Clause 22.03 Residential Development
  • Clause 22.04 Tree Conservation
  • C160 Explanatory Report and Instruction Sheet

Planning Scheme Amendment C162 comprises:

  • Schedule 4 to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO4) applying to 60 Neighbourhood Activity Centres (NACs)
  • Clause 21.04 Strategic Directions
  • Clause 22.06 Activity Centres
  • C162 Explanatory Report and Instruction Sheet

All of these documents and more can be found in the Key Document section at the bottom of this website.

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